Apple Pencil(第 1 代)可以搭配以下 iPad 機型: iPad(第 8 代) iPad mini(第 5 代) iPad(第 7 代) iPad(第 6 代) iPad Air(第 3 代) iPad Pro 12.9 英寸(第 1 代或第 2 代) iPad Pro 10.5 英寸; iPad Pro 9.7 英寸; 不確定您的 iPad 是什麼機型?請參閱相關資訊來辨識您的 iPad 機型。 發佈日期: 2020 年 10 月 … Another stylus that packs a solid punch way above its weight is Blooding. プライバシーポリシー利用規約販売条件Legal Informationサイトマップ, 税込表示の商品と税別表示の製品があります。税別価格の商品につきましては、税別と表示しています。. It’s worth noting that we have also rounded up the best Apple Pencil 2 alternatives for iPad Air 4. In terms of battery life, KSW KINGDO can last up to 10 hours. The digital pencil features a better-looking design that can offer the essential grip so that you can hold it perfectly while carrying out your task. What’s more, it comes with a fully capable battery that can last up to 12 hours after just one hour of charging. There you go! For more than one reason, the all-new iPad 8 is a complete entry-level iPad for most people. However, you can count on it to easily last 2-3 normal sessions of writing. Thus, you can pick the stylus that can get along nicely with your iPad and your profile. 購入のご相談は

What if you want a stylus that not only works with iPad but also iPhone (why not with the large-screen devices like iPhone 11 Pro Max) and comes in some nice-looking colors? Besides, the point tip also provides a paper-like drag to make writing and drawing feel more fluid. One of my favorite features of Crayon is the smoothness with which it handles different tasks. 以 Lightning 配對和充電; 像素等級的精準度; 傾斜度與感壓能力 ; 幾乎難以察覺的延遲感; 相容於. However, you can count on it to get through the usual tasks like drawing and writing without any noticeable lag. Additionally, it delivers up to 20 hours of battery life which should be more than enough to last multiple stints. ご使用中のiPadはApple Pencil(第二世代)に対応したモデルでしょうか? Apple Pencil(第2世代)を購入 - Apple(日本)より 対応しているiPadのモデル iPad Pro(12.9インチ)(第4世代) iPad Pro(12.9インチ)(第3世代) iPad Pro(11インチ)(第2世代) iPad Pro(11インチ)(第1世代) iPad Air(第4世代) Apple Pencil 能以磁力吸附 iPad Pro 或 iPad Air 的側邊,一貼上就會自動配對,並且隨時隨地充電。 Apple Pencil 第 1 代. While no one can deny the excellent precision and sensitivity that the original Apple Pencil delivers, the digital pen lacks an ergonomic design. What is Intercom and Which Apple Devices Support This Feature? Being available for $30, it deserves a shot on your iPad 8 as a reliable digital pen. Being slim and lightweight, it’s convenient to hold. Furthermore, Logitech Crayon supports hundreds of Apple Pencil supported apps, ensuring you can use the digital pencil to go about your business without having to face compatibility issues. If that’s you, you should give a close look at it. Besides, the 1.2mm POM tip is able to carry out sketching and drawing tasks without any lag. こちら Priced at $16, it can certainly claim to be a cheap yet quite efficient Apple Pencil competitor. As for the natural writing feeling, it shouldn’t disappoint you courtesy the inclusion of the palm-rejection technology.

Now that you know what these top Apple Pencil alternatives for the 8th-gen iPad have in store, let’s get started with the roundup! Due largely to the quirky elements, slow-motion videos never cease to amaze. Like most of its counterparts, Blooding also comes with the palm rejection technology to provide a natural writing feeling. Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the quick connection. That means you can just turn it on and start working. Furthermore, it doesn’t require Bluetooth to connect with your iPad and offers up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. Thanks to palm-rejection technology, you will feel comfortable while using the stylus. For the folks who are looking for a decent Apple Pencil substitute at a cheap price point, Milemont is worth checking out. With the 1.4mm fine tip, it offers the required control while drawing. apple pencil(第二世代) ペアリングできているのに反応しない 請務必將 Apple Pencil(第 2 代)置於 iPad 右邊的磁力接點的中心點上。若為 Apple Pencil(第 1 代),請移除帽蓋,並將 Apple Pencil 插入 iPad 的 Lightning 連接器。 重新啟動 iPad,然後嘗試重新配對。 前往「設定」>「藍牙」,確定藍牙已開啟。 So, just in case you find the original Apple Pencil a bit slippery, MPIO would be a fine substitute. 一部のみ表示. On top of all, it’s also compatible with a ton of apps including Goodnotes, Photoshop sketch, Procreate, Concepts, Note plus, Illustrator draw, Autodesk sketchbook, and more. You have entered an incorrect email address! Also, check out the highly protective cases and screen guards for iPad 8 if you want to safeguard the beautiful Retina display against scratches. * You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities! 筆記神軟體,大學生、研究生愛不釋手的 app,手寫辨識功能讓你輕鬆找到過去曾做過筆記的地方、還有錄音筆記功能,加上漂亮的介面,可以匯入各種圖檔、gif 檔,也不用擔心寫錯搞的版面亂七八糟,做筆記就是這麼簡單。, 初學電繪先試試這個 app,介面簡單好上手是最大優點,加上只要 $300 買斷,之後就可以不斷更新新功能不用再付費,還有多種筆刷可以選擇,有趣的是繪畫過程錄影,讓你可以分享在社群媒體上,不用每個月付訂閱費用就能享受眾多功能,對不是以電繪為生,而只是單純喜歡畫畫的使用者來說其實蠻划算的。, 缺鐵跟貧血有什麼關係?該吃什麼才能補鐵,看下去就知道。 什麼是貧血?怎麼知道自己有沒有貧血…, 春酒、尾牙遊戲玩什麼?10 個最夯的團康遊戲推薦! 不管是大公司、小公司,都能玩到 hig…, 2021 連假高鐵何時搶?怎麼請假最划算?跨年、過年返鄉就看這篇! 你的跨年和年假安排好了…, 葉黃素懶人包|葉黃素功效有哪些?葉黃素吃法/推薦品牌總整理! 近年來被譽為護眼聖品的「葉黃…, 阿米不可不知!原來 BTS 都在看這些書! 為人熟知的 BTS 防彈少年團,創作歌曲時常鼓…, Janet 現身蝦皮直播《聊聊大明星》羞認宅家與老公拼「防疫寶寶」葉欣眉自曝小時候模仿成…, 安心亞《蝦皮娛樂線》化身戀愛顧問!霸氣開示網友:喜歡就告白 安心亞提倡「正宮價值」在線辣嗆…, 無印風房間改造|DIY 日系房間 3 大重點,打造清爽簡約風房間! 日系清爽無印風房間當道…, (圖片截自於 Google)何謂舒肥法?舒肥棒/機原理總整理,天天都能在家享用小鮮肉 法…, Shopee 蝦皮購物是東南亞最大的線上購物平台,以創新的 app 提供使用者便利友善的服務,快速安全的交易環境,豐富多元的購物體驗,廣受各國消費大眾的喜愛。, Login to add posts to your read later list. Overall, MPIO is among the best Apple Pencil alternatives for the 8th-gen iPad.
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